Harper's Birth Story

Harper is a month old TOMORROW!!!

I know I am a little late on her birth story, but better late than never, I suppose!

**Okay-I could give you the version that I wrote in her baby book, but that may take more time than I have before she wakes from her slumber...SO, here is a short and sweet, condensed version.

We had our 40 week appointment on Tuesday, September 27th. After Dr. Shanbour checked me, much to our dismay, he told us that I was still not dilated, but was about 85% effaced. Since we had an induction scheduled for the next morning and I had no progress (as far as dilation goes), he wanted us to check in to the hospital that night. GULP!! What? Really? We really weren't prepared for that! He told us to go home, finish packing our hospital bags, go to a nice dinner, and come back around 8 pm.

We did. Here is how it went: Left Dr. office. Squealed all the way down on the elevator. Called parents. Freaked out. Called a few more people. Starting sweating profusely (OK-enough of all that, you get the point). Got home. Dealt with Roscoe. Showered. Finished packing bags. Ate at Olive Garden (we had great coupons!). Got done eating way before time to go to the hospital because we were so excited. Went to Barnes and Noble to kill time. Checked in at Mercy at 7:59 pm.

The nurses started me on an I.V., drew blood, and started the Cirvadil (to help me dilate). After a long night, Dr. Shanbour came in at about 9 am and said that the Cirvadil had worked and he broke my water. Zach and I were both very tired from the lack of sleep we got. We tried to get some more rest, but soon the pain started to set in. Not too bad though.

Around noon, things really started to pick up. I used some great breathing techniques that we learned in birthing class. They actually helped quite a bit! I knew that with each contraction, there was only about 30 seconds of REALLY strong pain. Contractions were getting stronger and closer. I didn't think I needed an epidural yet, so they gave me some pain medicine (I know, I'm a whimp). I was thinking it would just take the edge off of the pain...boy, was I wrong! I really couldn't feel hardly any pain for about an hour and a half. According to Zach and my mom, I guess I said some pretty funny things when I got the pain medicine.

**Funny things: Something about a great idea I had to make doll lawn chairs out of the old school metal flyswatters?? I also said that my stomach felt like it had "one of those things in it that held up tents"...yes, a pole.

The nurses were all sooo sweet and made sure I was as comfortable as possible at all times!

Later, probably around 3 or 4 I got my epidural. It was nothing. I got so nervous about it for nothing. Zach helped me to focus on him and not think about the ginormous thing going in my back. He was such a great support through the entire delivery, well through the entire pregnancy, for that matter!


Finally, around 6:30 pm, the nurses said I was a 10 and ready to push!! Before I knew it, there were about 5 nursing students and a handful of other nurses in the room watching me push. OH JOY! No, I actually didn't really mind...it was the last thing on my mind at the time. Just looking back on it, you think...hmm, the "pushing face" is not anyones best look, haha!

When one of the nurses said they could see her head, I asked "Does she have hair?? Is it partable??" Everyone laughed and the nurse told me that she did have hair and she did, in fact, think it was partable!!

At about 7 Dr. Shanbour came in, just as casual as ever (I like that about him), drinking a bottle of water and said "How we doing Stace?" I really don't remember what I said in response, I just remember thinking how casual he walked in. That goes to show that the way you see it in movies and TV shows is always wrong. Anyways, he scrubbed in, put on his blue paper scrub things, arranged a few things how he preferred them, and then sat down.

He coached me through pushing for about 10-15 more minutes. Dr. Shanbour and all the nurses were so encouraging! It was such an exciting experience that I really truly enjoyed!....Then, with all the love in the world, Zach and I welcomed our blessing, our heaven sent, little Harper Jo into the world!! I don't think I can even try to explain all the joy, warmth, love, and grattitude I had in that moment. Zach cut the cord (which I didn't even see/don't remember) :( because I was busy kissing our sweet little girl. I guess I kept saying "baby girl, oh baby girl, hi sweet girl." That is what Zach says anyway.

Born September 28, 2011 at 7:16 pm. 7 lbs, 12 oz. 20.5 inches long.

They took her away and I watched as they cleaned her up and Zach took lots of pictures. She had a bit of respiratory distress, so they had her lay on my chest for skin to skin contact to regulate it. I was more than okay with that, however, Zach didn't get to hold her for about an hour and a half. He was about to go crazy! After we had some time, just the 3 of us (and after Zach held her for a while), we told the nurses to let the family in.

**I was told by the nurse to not let it get too loud...hmm, that was nearly impossible with all the family we had up there!! Luckily, the nurse said she would let us know if we were being too loud. She never did. :)

It was so nice of everyone to wait so patiently to see Harper! I think it was both of our parents, Ryan and Shayna, Tiffany and her 3 kids (Nate was out of town), and Ashlee and Molly. (Sorry if I left anyone out!)

Everyone "ohhed" and "awwed" and passed her around. She also had a constant poparazzi, of course. Ryan and Shayna went to get us Panera...ahh, food! It was so tasty, especially since I hadn't had any food since Olive Garden the night before!!

After everyone left, the nurse took Harper to bathe her. When she brought her back Zach and I could not believe her hair!!! It was adorable!! Zach took a picture and it is still (out of about 1500+ pictures) one of our very favorites. Oh, the joy that we had as we loved on our newborn babe. We will never forget it. She was finally here.

Well, that is the "short and sweet" version...which still turned out to be way longer than I had planned. If you stayed with me, thanks!!!



Is my baby girl really 3 weeks old already??

I know I have been slacking, but for good reason.

Maybe tomorrow I will have the time/brains/energy to post about Harper's birth and her first 3 weeks.

In a nutshell though, it has been the best 3 weeks of our lives. Zach and I are taken with her.