Easter Picture Post

Harper's First Easter!

My little bunny.

She was in awe of the bright colors!

"That's enough pictures, dad."

Our Family.

Hope you had a memorable Easter!

Six Months

On your six month birthday...
Your stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 5 oz (6th %tile)

Height: 26 inches (58th %tile)

Head Circumference: 16th %tile

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: Mainly 3-6, but still some 0-3 and a few 9 months (because I get antsy to try new things on you) :)

Sleep: Still the same, with a 8 o'clock bedtime and waking usually between 6:30-7.

Feeding: You are still nursing 5-6 times a day and eating one fruit and one veggie a day. You just started trying dissovable foods like puffs and MumMums! You are definitely a fan!

What you are up to:

-You can sit up by yourself (as of March 19th)! (We still put a pillow behind you, but you are doing really well!)

-You laugh at things that are funny to you now, not just when you are tickled.

-You had your first St. Patty's day.

-You got your first tooth on March 20th while Daddy was TDY in Alabama.

-You LOVE to play peek-a-boo.

-You still LOVE your fabric dolls more than any other stuffed animal.

-On your 6 month birthday, Momma got really sick and Daddy was gone. It was NO fun, but you didn't seem to mind. Luckily, we celebrated the day before since I had to work on the 28th. I got you a Minnie Mouse from the Disney Store. You were more interested in her silky tag than Minnie herself, which doesn't suprise me. :)

-You are starting to be bashful.

-When I get you out of your crib, you kick your legs so hard in excitement that you bounce yourself off the mattress!

-While you're nursing, you hit your head (more like punch your head) over and over. I have to hold your hand so you won't. It seems like it would hurt you, but you never even flinch!

-Your hair is getting longer and your bald spot in the back is starting to fill back in! Your little bangs get curly/wavy when you sweat...its SO cute!

-Daddy was gone for 12 days this month, but we survived! We missed him so much! He was working hard for us while he was away.

-You babble alot now, almost as if you are having conversations.

-You play a game where you say "eh" and we mimic you and then you mimic us, etc. You think it is quite funny.

-When you nurse, you always try to sneak your index finger in to suck on too...no matter how many times I pull it out, you keep trying! I guess persistance will be a good thing when you are older!! ;)

Happy 6 months Harper Jo.

What a blessing you have made them.

We love you.