Three Months

(I am wayyyy past due, I know.)

On your three month birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz
Height:24.5 inches

Diapers: size 1 and small cloth diapers, haha scratch that last part, we don't do cloth diapers any longer :)

Clothes: All of your newborn clothes have been put away. For the most part you are right on target, wearing 0-3 months; however, you are wearing a few sleepers that are 3-6 months.

Sleeping during the night: You now have a bedtime of 8, with a dream feed at ~11 pm, which makes you sleep until 7 or 8 the next morning!! This makes for one happy and spoiled Momma!

Feeding schedule: Hmmm, this one is hard to pinpoint since we don't have one! You eat when you wake up and then about every 3-4 hours until you go to bed.

What you are up to:

-Smiling and getting SO excited that it makes you wiggle your whole body, crinkle your little nose, and pull your tiny hands in toward your sweet chin

-Rolling over...sometimes

-Tummy time is getting better and better

-LAUGHING!!!! Oh, its so very cute! However, it is sure hard to get them out of you for now! The first time you did it was on Christmas Eve when I was putting on your PJs. It was just me and you-such a sweet memory!

-You love to read books. When we read to you, you usually "coo" along with me as if you were repeating what we say.

-Daddy likes to call you "baby squirrel" because it sounds like baby girl.

-Your favorite toy would probably be your new tea pot and tiny kitchen you got for Christmas.

-You are starting to look a little more like Momma, although, you definitely still look alot like Daddy.

-You had a great first Christmas! (First time to stay the night at Daddy Jim and Gigi's)

-When you lay on your playmat, you hit your toys hanging above you! (this keeps you occupied for a while)

-You have SO many facial expressions and you use your eyebrows alot.

-You LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror...true Schnorrenberg. haha

-You have pretty good head control.

These months are flying by...we are trying to enjoy each and ever second!

We love you so much.



There are so many things we want to teach Harper. Ranking fairly high on our list is the gift of giving.

Acts 20:35 For it is more blessed to give, than receive.

We want her to know what it means to give, because Christ so freely gives to us.

We give because we love, the love we have for those who are dearest to our heart. That, too, was the motivation of God in sending his only Son.

This year we started a tradition that we hope to use as a teaching tool on what it means to give. Every year we will have Harper (and our other child(ren), Lord willing) pick an Angel off of the Angel tree, pick out a gift for the child, and try to remember to pray for the child all throughout the year.

This year we picked Desmond, a 4 year old little boy. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to watch his parents give them his gifts on Christmas morning. It brings my heart pure joy just thinking about it....

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas this year.