Twelve Months

 "How old are you, Harper?"

"Harper, show me your smile."

"Can you give your baby loves?"

On your FIRST birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 17 lbs

Height: 28 and 3/4 inches

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: Mostly 6-12, some 12-18 and even a few 3-6 months, too.

Sleep: Waking by 6:30ish and going to bed by 8ish. You take one good morning nap and one good afternoon nap.

Feeding: You are still pretty picky, but I think things are looking up! You might be starting to get over some of the textures you weren't really liking. You are still nursing, but you are starting to prefer cow's milk over Momma's milk. I think it is because you like to be independent.  I'm glad you are transitioning well, but it has been really hard for me! You still nurse 3-4 times a day, but only for a few minutes.

What you are up to:

-You make us laugh constantly!! 

-You had your first little hair snippet to cut off your rat tail and clean up your bangs.  

-You sign for milk.

-You sit like a big girl with your knees and legs turned out to either side of you.  I was never able to sit like that, it looks like it hurts!

-You walk behind things to roll. (walking/push toys) The faster the better! If you wipe out, you laugh (most of the time) and get up as fast as you can to keep going!

-You give a nasty scowl if you're not sure about something.

-You say "oh wow-wow-wow!" when you see something interesting/new/pretty.

-You hold your baby dolls like such a little girl without anyone showing you how (you always put them up between your shoulder and neck and then tilt your head down on them).

-You also hold your flip phone (that looks nothing like Momma or Daddy's phone) to your ear [area]...I don't know how you figure these things out!

-During Kindermusik you stood from sitting for the first time without holding on to anyone/anything!  Mrs. Ginger stopped the music and we all clapped for you!! 9.19.12

-Everytime you hear the garage door open or close, you say "dada"

-You participated in your first 5K, the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for Gigi!

-You slept with one of your dolls for the first time on 9.23.12.  You were so happy-you kept kissing her and laughing...we watched you forever on the monitor!

-You noticed the moon for the first time tonight after church.  You kept pointing up to it and saying "ohhhh woooow" and "ohhhhh"!  

It is so much fun to watch you learn new things!!

Happy 1st birthday, Sugar Bear.  

It was a magical year.


Eleven Months

On your eleven month birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz

Height: 28 1/4 inches

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: Mostly 6-12 months.

Sleep: You are still waking around 6:30 and going to bed by 8 at the latest.  You take one good morning nap and one good afternoon nap.  

Feeding:  YOU ARE SO HARD TO FEED!! This has been my biggest battle with you lately and probably so far! One day you love something, the next day you hate it!! You will try most anything, but you don't like foods with texture yet (well, some days you do).  Anyways, the few things I can count on you eating are red grapes, cheese, prunes, cheerios, yogurt, waffles and anything that is the kinda "junk foodish"...like goldfish, graham crackers etc. You have also started drinking whole milk--you can't get enough of it and you always sign for "more milk". Oh, and you still nurse about 4 times a day, which I love...and if I talk too much about weaning you, I'll start to cry.  **That may be weird to some of you, but don't knock it until you've tried it.  Nursing has been some of the sweetest times I've had with Harper over the past year.  I've enjoyed every second of it.  I dread the day she stops, although I know it has to be soon. 

What you are up to:

-You still have 8 teeth and are showing no signs of teething right now.

-You are now sitting in a "big girl" carseat.

-If you could say words, you'd have alot to say because you are always babbling.

-You had your first fully self fed meal this month. (organic mac n cheese, grapes and carrots)

-Now that school has started, every morning while I'm getting breakfast ready, you like to pull up on the window and watch the kids play while they wait for the bus.  When the bus leaves, you always wave goodbye. Sweet thing.

-Also, every morning, you like to go the backdoor and talk to Roscoe through the window. He loves the attention.

-One day this month I was running errands and I got back just as it was starting to sprinkle. You and daddy were out dancing in the rain! It was quite a site to see...I took a mental picture.

-You are officially "cruising".

-You started cow's milk this month.

-We stopped using your swaddler altogether.  (we were just using it like a blanket, not actually swaddling you)

-Now you sleep with a loose blanket.  Daddy and I go in and look at you every night before we go to bed and almost every time you have your blanket all wadded up under your tummy. :)

-When you nurse, you look up at me and dramatically blink your eyes and wait for me to do it back and then we do it over and over.  Then we both laugh and do it some more.  

-You still make friends EVERYWHERE we go! Young and old!

-You shake your head "yes" and "no".

  -You started Kindermusik this month with your little friend Roman!! It is so much fun! You smiled the entire class!!

-You use your walking toy now and walk all over the living room with it! It won't be long now...

Harper Jo, where has our time gone?? Next month you will be ONE!!!
We love you baby girl.


Ten Months

On your ten month birthday...
Your stats:
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz 

Height: 27 1/4 inches 

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: You are in mostly 6-12 months.

Sleep: Wake around 6:30 and you are in bed by 8 at the latest.  You have dropped a nap and now have one morning nap and one afternoon nap.  Usually one of them is about 2 hours.

Feeding: You nurse about 4 times a day and eat meat, veggies, fruit, cheerios, cheese, eggs, yogurt, waffles, applesauce, quinoa, couscous, etc.  It is getting easier to feed you because you can pretty much have whatever we eat!  You love most foods, but seem to get tired of them quickly. You definitely like a variety at each meal.

What you are up to:

-You went on your first vacation (Mom and Dad's 5 year anniversary) to Ft. Worth, Texas.  We took you to the Ft. Worth Zoo which was an all around hit! It was beautiful, not crowded and the animals where very engaging!  I think your favorite animal was probably the penguins...you just laughed and clapped and kept trying to touch them through the glass.  You also got to go on a train for the first time and pet Ollie the horse.  We had a great time and you slept well for your first time in a hotel!  

-You went to your first parade! Edmond's 4th of July parade!

-You sat up by yourself from laying down July 10th.

-First Farmer's Market trip.

-You started crawling!!! Your first official crawl was July 16th!  For a few days, the only thing you would crawl for was your toothbrush. :)

-You finger painted for the first time!

-You pulled up to standing by yourself!

-You LOVE to play peek-a-boo!  Every time you cover your "eyes" it somewhere different on your head (ears, cheeks, forehead)...but you are starting to be a little more consistent and accurate with covering your eyes.  

-You "flap your wings" when we read about the bird in your book.

-You put your arms up when we say "touchdown".  (Daddy had to make sure you were ready for football season.)

-You have realized you can laugh on your own will (without being tickled).  Now you laugh just to hear yourself laugh or to get someones attention. It is pretty cute. :)

-Your hair is OUT OF CONTROL!!!  You won't keep a bow, ponytail, or clip in so it is always in your face!

-Daddy bought you your first cowgirl hat in Ft. Worth.  

-You kiss EVERYTHING! 

-Toward the end of July we went to the lake for a week with the Schnorrenberg clan. We all had a great time! You, of course, loved every second of being with your big cousins!!

Happy 10 months Harper Jo.

You are simply the best.


Nine Months

On your nine month birthday...
Your stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 3 oz 

Height: 27 inches 

Diapers: Size 2

Clothes: You are in 3-6 and 6-12 months.

Sleep: Wake around 6:30 and you are in bed by 8 at the latest.  Normally you have 3 naps.

Feeding: You nurse 4-5 times a day and eat meat, veggies, and fruit mostly.

What you are up to:

-You clap when you like something.

-Anytime we go out somewhere, you are always fishing for laughs and smiles from others.

-You love your buddy Roman (the little guy I babysit) SO much! You are elated when you see him!

-You can wave now!

-You sign "more" for more food or if you want to do something again.

-You took your last bath in the baby bath tub and your first real bath this month.

-You can use a sippy cup by yourself.

-You swung on a swing for the first time and LOVED it!

-Playing patty-cake is SO fun. You always get a huge smile when we play.

-You rode on Papa's new boat for the first time. You weren't a fan of the life jacket, but you definitely enjoyed being on the water!

-You went down a slide (with mommy's help) for the first time!! You kept asking for more!

-We went to the OKC Omniplex.

-You have started to do a scrunchy face, chin to the side, smile that is one of my favorite Harper faces for sure.

-You give mouth open kisses when someone asks for one.  Mommy probably asks about 100 or more times a day. I just can't get enough!

-You cry or whine out of sympathy when you see someone else crying (Roman).

-You gave Daddy a mug with your handprint on it for his first Father's Day.  He uses it every morning.

Happy 9 months Harper Jo.

Your personaility is blossoming and it brings me so much joy to watch!


Too Much Fun!

A post other than a monthly update you ask???...I know, please be blown away along with me! This is RARE!!

However, it is going to be mostly pictures!

Harper is pretty particular about her water temperature, but once it is bearable she could spend all day in her pool!

 The face in the picture above is the face I get when I make a weird noise to try to get her attention! The face below is what follows the perplexed look because she is beginning to get a sense of humor! Momma is funny...for now anyway!

Too bad her face is half dark from the shade...it is still cute though!

Sweetest little face.

And we wrapped up our swimming for the day when all she wanted to do was eat grass...

yummmm yum!


Summer Loving

Here are a few pictures from Memorial weekend and a weekend with cousins!

Papa and Grammi's House

Daddy Jim and Gigi's House

Momma, Daddy, Uncle Nate, Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Bobo and Auntie S all got to go see Bon Iver. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of all of us or even just Daddy and I, for that matter. All I got were some blurry phone pictures, but Bon Iver was outstanding.  Daddy and I enjoyed a night out together!