Eleven Months

On your eleven month birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz

Height: 28 1/4 inches

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: Mostly 6-12 months.

Sleep: You are still waking around 6:30 and going to bed by 8 at the latest.  You take one good morning nap and one good afternoon nap.  

Feeding:  YOU ARE SO HARD TO FEED!! This has been my biggest battle with you lately and probably so far! One day you love something, the next day you hate it!! You will try most anything, but you don't like foods with texture yet (well, some days you do).  Anyways, the few things I can count on you eating are red grapes, cheese, prunes, cheerios, yogurt, waffles and anything that is the kinda "junk foodish"...like goldfish, graham crackers etc. You have also started drinking whole milk--you can't get enough of it and you always sign for "more milk". Oh, and you still nurse about 4 times a day, which I love...and if I talk too much about weaning you, I'll start to cry.  **That may be weird to some of you, but don't knock it until you've tried it.  Nursing has been some of the sweetest times I've had with Harper over the past year.  I've enjoyed every second of it.  I dread the day she stops, although I know it has to be soon. 

What you are up to:

-You still have 8 teeth and are showing no signs of teething right now.

-You are now sitting in a "big girl" carseat.

-If you could say words, you'd have alot to say because you are always babbling.

-You had your first fully self fed meal this month. (organic mac n cheese, grapes and carrots)

-Now that school has started, every morning while I'm getting breakfast ready, you like to pull up on the window and watch the kids play while they wait for the bus.  When the bus leaves, you always wave goodbye. Sweet thing.

-Also, every morning, you like to go the backdoor and talk to Roscoe through the window. He loves the attention.

-One day this month I was running errands and I got back just as it was starting to sprinkle. You and daddy were out dancing in the rain! It was quite a site to see...I took a mental picture.

-You are officially "cruising".

-You started cow's milk this month.

-We stopped using your swaddler altogether.  (we were just using it like a blanket, not actually swaddling you)

-Now you sleep with a loose blanket.  Daddy and I go in and look at you every night before we go to bed and almost every time you have your blanket all wadded up under your tummy. :)

-When you nurse, you look up at me and dramatically blink your eyes and wait for me to do it back and then we do it over and over.  Then we both laugh and do it some more.  

-You still make friends EVERYWHERE we go! Young and old!

-You shake your head "yes" and "no".

  -You started Kindermusik this month with your little friend Roman!! It is so much fun! You smiled the entire class!!

-You use your walking toy now and walk all over the living room with it! It won't be long now...

Harper Jo, where has our time gone?? Next month you will be ONE!!!
We love you baby girl.

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