One Month

I know...once again, I'm very late on posting this. As always, better late than never!

On your one month birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Height: 21 inches

Diapers: newborn (so teensy...although her little legs are chunking up and we will be switching to size 1 soon...sigh) and size small cloth diapers

Sleeping during the night: feeding at 10 pm, 3 am, and then we wake up with a feeding at 8 am (she's a pretty good sleeper, thanks Harpster!)

Oh, nicknames!: Harpster and Harpo (not to be confused with the whole Oprah backwards thing, gag)...however, I usually just call her Harper or Harper Jo

Feeding schedule: 8 am, 11am, 2 or 3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm...approximately 20 minutes each feed. You have been a great eater from the day you were born, thanks for cooperating! I was worried about that! By the way, I LOVE feeding you! It amazes me and brings me joy knowing that God created women in such a way that they would be able to supply something so wonderful for their children. Thank you, Lord, for that blessing!

What you are up to:

-You just started cooing and smiling really big after you eat or when I go in to get you in the mornings...you are such a happy baby! I can't get enough of it! Also, so far, you pretty much just smile in the morning, but it seems like you always save a few for Daddy! Thank you!! It means so much to him and always tells you that it was the best part of his day. So sweet.

-You LOVE, I mean LOVE getting your hair washed!...on the other hand, you aren't much of a fan of getting your body washed.

-When you fill your diaper, well, let's just say the whole house can hear it. In fact, even though we have now heard it probably one hundred times, it still startles Daddy and I sometimes. (We'll have to work on being more lady like, but for now its pretty darn cute!)

-Speaking of that, you also have the cutest burps!!

-You are doing great at tummy time! At first it was pretty scary, especially for Daddy. You are doing so much better at turning your head from side to side now!

-You are a peaceful shopper, so far anyway!!

-You went to the gym with me for the first time on your one month birthday! Everyone was so impressed by how good you were and loved seeing you! (Don't worry, no one gets to hold you when we go AND my hands feel like sandpaper after we leave for as many times as I stop to wash my hands or sanitize the machines and the handle of your carseat.) Oh, and I never put you near free weights or under any ceiling fans...a nice elderly man was nervous one day when I had you under a fan...he said "be careful with her under that fan, I wouldn't want it to fall on her"...sweet guy, I guess he's had a bad experience with a fan falling off the ceiling.

-Roscoe LOVES you. He is always worried about you if you are crying or if I am patting your back to burp you. Oh, and I always know when your diaper is dirty (if for some reason I didn't hear it), because he'll continoulsy sniff your bum. Thanks Roscoe!

-You have a certain "bird face" that we absolutely love...along with about 100 other expressive facial expressions you have. We are really enjoying getting to know you.

-You were a sweet little pink bunny for your first Halloween. We went to PF Changs to eat with Uncle Bobo and Auntie S.

-You have done well at church, except last week, you were a little fussy in Sunday School, but its just because you are starting to sleep less and are more aware of the things around you!

Harper, we have loved EVERY second of getting to know you and thank God for giving you specifically to us. I know I probably missed something...but really, we have such an overwhelming love for you. Not that we will ever understand the abundance of love that Christ has for His children, but we have talked recently about how we feel like we understand just a teensy bit more now.

By the way, perfect timing, I just heard you fill your diaper over the monitor...sounds like you are ready to get up!