It's that time again!!

Baby #2 is due the 19th of this month! We are so excited to meet her!  With all the contractions and back labor I've had recently, I think she will make her debut before then.  I think (and we are praying) Harper will do well with the transition as she loves to help me do EVERYTHING.  She has recently turned into a little mama to all her babies and she always wants to do what I'm doing.  So. We shall see. ;)

I obviously haven't done many belly pictures this time (I know, I know...I'm already slacking and she is not even here), so I thought I would share a few now...and hopefully I will do monthly blogs like I did with Harper.  I just went back and read through the first few months of Harper's posts.  That is exactly one of the main reasons I did this-so I would remember what to do with a newborn.  Zach and I have been talking alot lately about how we don't remember what to do.  I know (or least I hope) things will come back to us, but it is nice to have a cheat sheet to remember what we did with H that worked.  That being said, who knows if it will work with baby #2, right? (yes, her name is still undecided...but we definitely almost have it!)

The day we found out our family was growing!

The day we found out she was another girl! (about 1/2 way)

We are thanking God for a good pregnancy and we are so excited to meet her soon! More to come soon...