14 weeks!!

I'm officially in my 2nd trimester!.....I thought it would never come!!

This week I was able to hit up the Just Between Friends sale!! I got a few books for the baby, one for me, some maternity clothes, a toy, a big foam puzzle and a crib mattress saver...all for only $27!! I was overwhelmed at how much there was to look through....and I went towards the end of the week!!! I plan on hitting up the fall JBF sale on the first day! Mom was also able to get a few things at the Owasso JBF sale that would stay at grandma's house (we haven't come up with a name for her yet)!

A few of my findings at the Just Between Friends sale!

Earlier in the week, I got the itch to make something for the baby....

So, to etsy I went! Of course, it is a great place to buy handmade lovelies and other unique items...but I also enjoy it to get ideas!! Since we don't know the sex of the baby yet, I was having a hard time deciding what to make. I decided to make a highchair/grocery cart cover!!! My next roadblock was fabric!! Oh my, there is so much to choose from (even just at Hobby Lobby)!! I had to pick a fabric that would go for a boy or a girl...and make sure it was something I could live with for a while as well (hoping it lasts through all (?) of our children). I found a good (easy) pattern on etsy for $4.50...I ordered it right away. Saturday morning I picked up the needed supplies and cut out the fabric according to the pattern that night. Today, after church, I spent most of the afternoon sewing it all together!! It was really easy...and fun!! I kept telling Zach that I LOVE making things...especially for our baby!! It makes me so happy!

So...here is the finished product, complete with a seatbelt and a toy holder. I put it over a box in order to simulate what it would look like in use! It will be a while before I can use it...but then again, I will probably be using it before I know it! (and yes, it does have pink in it...but that is for me (and a baby girl, of course)...I think it has enough "boyish" colors in it to offset the pink)

Quick update on how I'm feeling:

-Great! Zach and I just discussed on the way to church this morning that even when I felt my worse...it was nothing in comparrison to what I know some women go through. I have been EXTREMELY blessed!!

-I can't button any of my jeans, so I am in the awkward stage between wearing the Bella Band and maternity pants.

-I can still (pretty much) eat just about anything!

-I'm only tired at the end of the day...like really tired. The good thing is I have pretty good energy during the day!!


13 weeks!!!

It seems like I may have "popped" as they say....

In the past few weeks I would look pretty pregnant at night, but it would be gone by morning. Now, I still look pregnant in the morning, even before I eat anything!

It is exciting to be "showing" (at least a little)!! I spent part of this last week with my mom and grandma celebrating their birthdays...Grandma thought it was so funny that I was happy I was showing. She said when she was pregnant, she would hide it as long as she could!! NOT ME!! I'm excited about my growing belly!! I'm glad it gave her a good laugh though!

How I'm feeling;
-Great!...As long as I don't eat too fast or go too long without food
-I get tired very easily
-Super thirsty
-Super hungry
-Super happy!!

On another note...Zach and I have been thinking about all of the extra expenses there will be when the baby gets here...to say the least, it had/has us a bit stressed out (especially since we are getting ready to go down to one income). Last night we prayed about it and today's message at church was such a blessing and a comfort from God. Mark preached about persevering, not letting things get you down, and finding the strength to go on (Gen. 40). I know that our "worry" or "setback" is minute in comparrison to perhaps, a death in the family or a job loss; however, I know that God cares no matter how small the issue may be. As you may remember, Joseph handled success and set backs in his life with equal dillegence. No matter what happened to Joseph, he never lost sight of Christ. Even when things were going well for him, he didn't forget God like we do so often. Towards the end of the message, Mark gave us 3 reasons why Joseph kept keeping on...1)Joseph had the promises of God behind him..he had HOPE. 2)Joseph had the presence of God beside him. 3) Joseph had the providence of God before him. It is nice to be reminded that God has already laid out our path before us, we have the providence of God before us. Even though worry is part of most everyone's everyday life, we can rest assured that God already has it all worked out. That brings me so much comfort. The Lord was with Joseph and the Lord is with you.

Journal Entry from March 10, 2011

I know these may be boring, however...this will be my last entry from the past...everything from here on out will be in the present!

Journal Entry from March 10, 2011 reads...

Whew! It has been a while! Today I am 11w3d, although, we had an ultrasound on Monday (3/7/11) and the baby measured 4 days bigger, so maybe today marks the beginning of my 12th week? I don't know!!

It was amazing to say the least!! I didn't realize how low the baby is sitting right now! Little baby S was flipping round and round!!! You would have thought I had eaten a whole birthday cake!! However, I did eat a few small cookies before we went in because I wanted to make sure I saw our baby MOVE!!! Boy, did we ever! It amazes me that LBS is moving that much and I can't even feel it! I felt bad for Dr. Shanbour because everytime LBS stopped for a split second he would try to capture an image, there was a problem: I was laughing (trying not to so he could get a picture), which made him loose the image and have to start all over. Finally, I just had to look away from the screen!! We were finally able to get a good picture to show our friends and family!!

How I'm feeling:

Well, not too bad, some nights are alot better than others. For the most part now-a-days I am just dead tired, especially at night! Last night, I did have a wave of sickness come over me around 7:30 and lasted until I fell asleep around 9:30.

I have had a few more headaches, but nothing horrible! Oh, the one that is hard to see/hear...I've already gained around 4 pounds!!!! Ugh, I guess I better get used to it, huh? I can't wait until I will be able to run again....next time I do, it will be with a stroller and a baby in front of me...wahoo!! That is exciting!

I can eat pretty much anything now...there are only a few things that I can't really stomach. Nothing in particular, it just depends. I usually bring a PBJ to work to eat around 10, then I eat my normal lunch at noon (and not a minute later), and then a snack around 2 or so.

Maternity clothes:

I have bought 4 or 5 shirts, a bella band, one pair of jeans, and a skirt.

I wear my bella band pretty much everyday unless I am wearing sweats or my maternity jeans, of course. I started wearing my bella band at around 10 weeks...it makes life a lot more comfortable!!

I still need to get some good shorts and a few more shirts and dresses...and the dreaded maternity swim suit...eww!!

Anyways, despite some of my comments, I am really enjoying being pregnant, especially now that I am starting to show just a little bit and the sickness is subsiding!!!

Our next appointment is April 4th and then April 26th we get to find out if its a little boy or a little girl!!! Yay!


PART 2: Jornal Entry from Febrary 16, 2011

February 16....Part 2

Well, since I am feeling well right now I need to update about how we told our families! So, go with me, if you will, back to the weekend Feb 11, 2011...the weekend we told our parents and families!

Back in January, Aunt Shelley called and asked if Zach and I could watch the kids this weekend while they were out of town. Perfect. This way, it wouldn't look like it was weird for Zach and I to just be coming up for no reason since we don't do that alot. Well, about a week before, Aunt Shelley cancelled, which was okay, because Ryan's birthday and engagement party were moved to this weekend, so we still had a good excuse!

Friday morning, I was trying to think of a way we could tell our parents the exciting news. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and picking up some frames that said "baby" on them. I went to Wal-Mart and made 2 copies of our ultrasound pictures, but on top of the picture was a year calendar. (So it was a calendar with the ultrasound in the background) I wrapped them up in some Valentine's bags I made and on the front I put "Let the countdown begin....September 26, 2011!" So, this way they had a full 2011 calendar to countdown until the baby was due! Not to original, but it worked!

Zach took off early that Friday, the 11th, and we packed up and headed to his parents house! We discussed when we would make the announcement and talked about how we would go about it. WE. WERE. SO. EXCITED. Once we got to Jim and Gwen's, we said our hello's and talked for a little bit until we couldn't stand it any longer. (We decided to "accidently" leave the gift in the car so it wouldn't seem like it was a big deal) After about 5 minutes, Zach scriptedly says, "Hey, didn't you get them a Valentine's gift?" as I reply my scripted response of "Oh, yea, let me run and get it." Of course, Gwen says, "Oh, you didn't need to do that!" "Oh, its nothing big, mom," replies Zach. I bring them their gift, and they kind of have a perplexed look on their faces, when all of the sudden, Gwen says..."You're pregnant." Then begins all the squealing, mouth dropping to the floor (Jim), and hugging as I am snapping pictures trying to capture the moment. Gwen went on to say that she had a feeling we were the other day, but never had any thoughts after that. They were so happy for us and were so sweet to me the rest of the weekend, making sure I was comfortable and that I wasn't forcing myself to eat anything Gwen had made. I was sure glad she had cooked a meal for us that night, her meals always sound good...and not only that, Zach was getting a home cooked meal, something he isn't used to right now!! Thanks Jim and Gwen!

Sorry this is SO long, I will try to make this one shorter.

So, now for my family.

We got up on Saturday, planning to tell my parents at their house around 10 am. We did the same thing, left the gift in the car "accidently". So, I give them the gift, although they are not sitting real close together on the couch, so really, my mom is opening the gift and dad is to the side a bit. She opens it up and immediately drops her mouth and jumps up from the couch to hug me as I am jumping with excitement as we both are squealing and laughing (all while Z is taking pictures). Poor dad, hasn't got the message yet because all he can see is the back of the picture frame. Dad says, what?...what is the picture of?....Tam, let me see!! (I'm thinking, how could you not know, why would she be jumping around because of any other picture)...Anyways, she turns the picture around to him as he reads..."baby." I run over to hug him and he is immediately drenched in sweat and his mouth, too, on the floor. He said, "Well, I couldn't figure out why mom would get so excited about a picture. I was thinking, man, that must be one good picture." Both of them, gleeming with joy...we just kept talking about how funny their reactions were and how dad couldn't figure it out. Then dad says, "I hope when you were jumping you weren't hurting the little baby!" Mom immediately went to call Gwen. They squealed for a bit in united excitement. Later, we called Nanny and dad's siblings.

Fast forward to 1:30 pm later that day, we were heading to Ryan and Shayna's engagement party/Ryan and Kylee's birthday party....We told mom and dad that this was their day and we didn't want to steal any thunder. Mom just about couldn't stand it and we told her that we would tell Grandma and everyone right at the end when everyone was leaving. Well, I think we ended up telling everyone towards the end of lunch, but before we did cake. We let Ryan announce it since it was his big day. He really wanted us to tell everyone, and Shayna was totally fine with it too...so he stood up and said something like, "Well, we're kind of full of excitement right now, but there is one more thing to be excited about....I'm going to be an uncle!!!" There was dead silence...and then an outburst of emotions from every direction of the table. (We were at a local Mexican resturant, about 20 of us in a room with a few other customers setting in the corner...so you can imagine the noise) I was running around trying to take pictures of everyone. My favorite amongst all the comotion and noise...grandma yells..."Does that mean I'm going to be a great-grandmother????" Yes! Grandma, you are!!! She was SO excited...she always asks me if she will be one before she dies. ;) Well, I think that about covers it all...thanks for staying with me!


Journal Entry from February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

Just a little update...

We are still planning on officially announcing to Facebook (which equals all friends and family) this coming Sunday, after we tell our Sunday school class!

How I'm feeling:

Ever since the end of week 6 I have been going to bed around 9 pm because of fatigue and nausea. By week 7, I was still going to bed around 9 in hopes that I would get to sleep before Zach came to bed. If I was not asleep by that time, any move he made, I would feel like I was going to vomit. Now, halfway through week 8, I find myself more and more nauseous toward bedtime, not to feel any relief until I eat breakfast.

I feel so bad, I've bearly been anything but a couch potato when I get home from work. This is not what Zach is used to. However, I was able to cook last night...and actually eat the food! I've pushed myself to cook at least once a week, although Zach tells me I don't need to. He is so sweet and understanding and is always checking on me, asking if there is anything he can do.

Last week I made him lentil soup...he loves lentil soup. I thought it would be something healthy for me and something Zach could eat for a few meals. By the time it was done I could harldy look at it. Later that night, we got Subway for me.

I'm just so glad that last night I was actually able to stomach the chicken empenadas I made for Zach and I. They were SO good, however, I did end up going to take a nap right after I was done eating while Z cleaned everything up. And, of course, I went to bed around 8:45 too...

I just can't wait until I start feeling like myself again. I am so excited for what is to come and I know that all of this sickness if for a huge blessing that will enter our lives very shortly...I just have to get through it. Prayer. That's my way of getting through it.


Journal Entry from February 4th, 2011

...February 4, 2011 reads...

We have had SO much snow!! I haven't been to work in 4 days and it is snowing AGAIN!! My original first appointment was supposed to be next Tuesday, Feb 8, however, the nurse called and asked if I could come in today!!! I'm drenched with mixed emotions! (extremely nervous, excited, happy, afraid, etc) I DO NOT like my blood to be taken because it always makes me feel like my ears are going to pop off my head. I'm thinking morning sickness + getting blood drawn is going to make for one miserable me. I am trying to look on the bright side though! Its not for long, I will be fine, its for the baby, and we are one step closer in this pregnancy!! As I am sitting here typing I feel sweat running down my sides (because I am getting nervous), gross, I know!

Our appointment is at 2 pm, Zach should be home around 1:30ish and then we are going to head that way! I will post later on how everything went. This also means we will be able to tell people sooner!!! Yay!!!

Okay....I'm back! We went to the doctor and everything went well! I didn't pass out with the whole blood thing...I actually did alot better than the last time I had to do that! I got a little faintish feeling towards the end, but it took alot longer for me to feel that way this time!

BIG NEWS.....We heard the HEARTBEAT!!! I said, "Are you sure that's not my heart beat?" and Dr. Shanbour said, "That is the heartbeat of your little baby!" Zach was sitting by my side with his mouth drawn open as I was giggling and squealing with glee. Then, all of the sudden, it clicked with Zach and he said, "That is our baby's hearbeat!!" We got 2 pictures to bring home!! Of course, since I am only 6w4d, the ultrasound picture just looks like a little blob, oh and our due date is September 26, 2011! So...its official, there is indeed a baby within me! We are dying to tell our family and friends, however, we have decided to wait until we can tell them in person next weekend.

Ps. 139:13...We thank you and praise you, Almighty God, for knitting this sweetness inside of me!

For now, I'm going to go take a little rest....(yawn)....

but isn't that SO exciting?