PART 2: Jornal Entry from Febrary 16, 2011

February 16....Part 2

Well, since I am feeling well right now I need to update about how we told our families! So, go with me, if you will, back to the weekend Feb 11, 2011...the weekend we told our parents and families!

Back in January, Aunt Shelley called and asked if Zach and I could watch the kids this weekend while they were out of town. Perfect. This way, it wouldn't look like it was weird for Zach and I to just be coming up for no reason since we don't do that alot. Well, about a week before, Aunt Shelley cancelled, which was okay, because Ryan's birthday and engagement party were moved to this weekend, so we still had a good excuse!

Friday morning, I was trying to think of a way we could tell our parents the exciting news. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and picking up some frames that said "baby" on them. I went to Wal-Mart and made 2 copies of our ultrasound pictures, but on top of the picture was a year calendar. (So it was a calendar with the ultrasound in the background) I wrapped them up in some Valentine's bags I made and on the front I put "Let the countdown begin....September 26, 2011!" So, this way they had a full 2011 calendar to countdown until the baby was due! Not to original, but it worked!

Zach took off early that Friday, the 11th, and we packed up and headed to his parents house! We discussed when we would make the announcement and talked about how we would go about it. WE. WERE. SO. EXCITED. Once we got to Jim and Gwen's, we said our hello's and talked for a little bit until we couldn't stand it any longer. (We decided to "accidently" leave the gift in the car so it wouldn't seem like it was a big deal) After about 5 minutes, Zach scriptedly says, "Hey, didn't you get them a Valentine's gift?" as I reply my scripted response of "Oh, yea, let me run and get it." Of course, Gwen says, "Oh, you didn't need to do that!" "Oh, its nothing big, mom," replies Zach. I bring them their gift, and they kind of have a perplexed look on their faces, when all of the sudden, Gwen says..."You're pregnant." Then begins all the squealing, mouth dropping to the floor (Jim), and hugging as I am snapping pictures trying to capture the moment. Gwen went on to say that she had a feeling we were the other day, but never had any thoughts after that. They were so happy for us and were so sweet to me the rest of the weekend, making sure I was comfortable and that I wasn't forcing myself to eat anything Gwen had made. I was sure glad she had cooked a meal for us that night, her meals always sound good...and not only that, Zach was getting a home cooked meal, something he isn't used to right now!! Thanks Jim and Gwen!

Sorry this is SO long, I will try to make this one shorter.

So, now for my family.

We got up on Saturday, planning to tell my parents at their house around 10 am. We did the same thing, left the gift in the car "accidently". So, I give them the gift, although they are not sitting real close together on the couch, so really, my mom is opening the gift and dad is to the side a bit. She opens it up and immediately drops her mouth and jumps up from the couch to hug me as I am jumping with excitement as we both are squealing and laughing (all while Z is taking pictures). Poor dad, hasn't got the message yet because all he can see is the back of the picture frame. Dad says, what?...what is the picture of?....Tam, let me see!! (I'm thinking, how could you not know, why would she be jumping around because of any other picture)...Anyways, she turns the picture around to him as he reads..."baby." I run over to hug him and he is immediately drenched in sweat and his mouth, too, on the floor. He said, "Well, I couldn't figure out why mom would get so excited about a picture. I was thinking, man, that must be one good picture." Both of them, gleeming with joy...we just kept talking about how funny their reactions were and how dad couldn't figure it out. Then dad says, "I hope when you were jumping you weren't hurting the little baby!" Mom immediately went to call Gwen. They squealed for a bit in united excitement. Later, we called Nanny and dad's siblings.

Fast forward to 1:30 pm later that day, we were heading to Ryan and Shayna's engagement party/Ryan and Kylee's birthday party....We told mom and dad that this was their day and we didn't want to steal any thunder. Mom just about couldn't stand it and we told her that we would tell Grandma and everyone right at the end when everyone was leaving. Well, I think we ended up telling everyone towards the end of lunch, but before we did cake. We let Ryan announce it since it was his big day. He really wanted us to tell everyone, and Shayna was totally fine with it too...so he stood up and said something like, "Well, we're kind of full of excitement right now, but there is one more thing to be excited about....I'm going to be an uncle!!!" There was dead silence...and then an outburst of emotions from every direction of the table. (We were at a local Mexican resturant, about 20 of us in a room with a few other customers setting in the corner...so you can imagine the noise) I was running around trying to take pictures of everyone. My favorite amongst all the comotion and noise...grandma yells..."Does that mean I'm going to be a great-grandmother????" Yes! Grandma, you are!!! She was SO excited...she always asks me if she will be one before she dies. ;) Well, I think that about covers it all...thanks for staying with me!

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  1. Love it! You did good! I was never so creative. I said something along the lines of, "I'm really dizzy and nauseas." Mom just looked at me and smiled. :)