14 weeks!!

I'm officially in my 2nd trimester!.....I thought it would never come!!

This week I was able to hit up the Just Between Friends sale!! I got a few books for the baby, one for me, some maternity clothes, a toy, a big foam puzzle and a crib mattress saver...all for only $27!! I was overwhelmed at how much there was to look through....and I went towards the end of the week!!! I plan on hitting up the fall JBF sale on the first day! Mom was also able to get a few things at the Owasso JBF sale that would stay at grandma's house (we haven't come up with a name for her yet)!

A few of my findings at the Just Between Friends sale!

Earlier in the week, I got the itch to make something for the baby....

So, to etsy I went! Of course, it is a great place to buy handmade lovelies and other unique items...but I also enjoy it to get ideas!! Since we don't know the sex of the baby yet, I was having a hard time deciding what to make. I decided to make a highchair/grocery cart cover!!! My next roadblock was fabric!! Oh my, there is so much to choose from (even just at Hobby Lobby)!! I had to pick a fabric that would go for a boy or a girl...and make sure it was something I could live with for a while as well (hoping it lasts through all (?) of our children). I found a good (easy) pattern on etsy for $4.50...I ordered it right away. Saturday morning I picked up the needed supplies and cut out the fabric according to the pattern that night. Today, after church, I spent most of the afternoon sewing it all together!! It was really easy...and fun!! I kept telling Zach that I LOVE making things...especially for our baby!! It makes me so happy!

So...here is the finished product, complete with a seatbelt and a toy holder. I put it over a box in order to simulate what it would look like in use! It will be a while before I can use it...but then again, I will probably be using it before I know it! (and yes, it does have pink in it...but that is for me (and a baby girl, of course)...I think it has enough "boyish" colors in it to offset the pink)

Quick update on how I'm feeling:

-Great! Zach and I just discussed on the way to church this morning that even when I felt my worse...it was nothing in comparrison to what I know some women go through. I have been EXTREMELY blessed!!

-I can't button any of my jeans, so I am in the awkward stage between wearing the Bella Band and maternity pants.

-I can still (pretty much) eat just about anything!

-I'm only tired at the end of the day...like really tired. The good thing is I have pretty good energy during the day!!


  1. Good job on the high chair cover it's adorable! I just recently bought that same fabric for an art project!
    You're looking cute, the worst stage about this point of pregnancy for me was people awkwardly asked if I was preggo. It was like they couldn't figure out if it was a baby bump or just a tummy ha!
    Also, we call grandma Mae Mae (like May May)!
    Hope you continue to feel well!

  2. What a fabulous job! I'm so impressed and the fabric is great. I have used Slow and Steady Get Me Ready with all my kids. They love it and so do I. Enjoy your second trimester - it was my favorite. You're looking lovely. :)

  3. You are so super cute! I went to Anna's page and blog stalked my way over here...I'm loving the cart cover!