13 weeks!!!

It seems like I may have "popped" as they say....

In the past few weeks I would look pretty pregnant at night, but it would be gone by morning. Now, I still look pregnant in the morning, even before I eat anything!

It is exciting to be "showing" (at least a little)!! I spent part of this last week with my mom and grandma celebrating their birthdays...Grandma thought it was so funny that I was happy I was showing. She said when she was pregnant, she would hide it as long as she could!! NOT ME!! I'm excited about my growing belly!! I'm glad it gave her a good laugh though!

How I'm feeling;
-Great!...As long as I don't eat too fast or go too long without food
-I get tired very easily
-Super thirsty
-Super hungry
-Super happy!!

On another note...Zach and I have been thinking about all of the extra expenses there will be when the baby gets here...to say the least, it had/has us a bit stressed out (especially since we are getting ready to go down to one income). Last night we prayed about it and today's message at church was such a blessing and a comfort from God. Mark preached about persevering, not letting things get you down, and finding the strength to go on (Gen. 40). I know that our "worry" or "setback" is minute in comparrison to perhaps, a death in the family or a job loss; however, I know that God cares no matter how small the issue may be. As you may remember, Joseph handled success and set backs in his life with equal dillegence. No matter what happened to Joseph, he never lost sight of Christ. Even when things were going well for him, he didn't forget God like we do so often. Towards the end of the message, Mark gave us 3 reasons why Joseph kept keeping on...1)Joseph had the promises of God behind him..he had HOPE. 2)Joseph had the presence of God beside him. 3) Joseph had the providence of God before him. It is nice to be reminded that God has already laid out our path before us, we have the providence of God before us. Even though worry is part of most everyone's everyday life, we can rest assured that God already has it all worked out. That brings me so much comfort. The Lord was with Joseph and the Lord is with you.

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  1. Amen!! I see you almost everyday at work (except this past wk) and it's insane the size difference is with your baby bump!! Yay!!!! :) ~Steph