Four Months

On your four month birthday...

Your stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz
Height: 24.5 inches
(I guessing your three month stats are off quite a bit because I did them at home and they are almost exactly what you were at your four month checkup)

Diapers: still size 1

Clothes: a good mix between 0-3 months and 3-6, but we are slowly putting up all your 0-3's

Sleep: you still go to bed at 8 and usually sleep until I have to get you up to go to work at 6:30 (babysitting Roman) or about 7:30 on the days I don't work. Some nights you whine here in there because you get out of your swaddler, but you always fall back to sleep pretty quick.

Feeding: you still eat about every 3-4 hours, but we don't do the 11 pm dream feed anymore

What you are up to:

-You are doing well at tummy time, rolling over, and you don't look like a bobble head anymore when you sit in your Bumbo

-We see lots of smiles and hear lots of coos and a few laughs! When you are sleepy you have this sweet tired coo that melts our hearts and makes me want to scoop you up and cuddle you until you fall asleep

-You have started sucking in your lower lip, it's pretty funny

-When you smile, you still the tip of your little tounge out

-When we read books, you try to grab onto the pages

-You have started to suck your sweet little thumb

-The only time you want your paci is during nap time

-Your favorite toys are your two new fabric dolls you got for Christmas and Sophie the giraffe (your teether)

-When we pick you up and raise you in the air over our head, you wiggle your entire body in excitement and usually put your hands straight in your mouth for some reason

-You smile at strangers, which makes you pretty popular when we go out :)

-You LOVE music

-You LOVE to be sung to (we sing Big Momma Duck and the Devil song mostly...just in case you were wondering, both songs are ones that Gigi used to sing to Daddy...the Devil song is one that tells you not to let the devil in your little heart)

-Our good friends (Nate, Anna, and Paisley) gave us a Zoo pass for Christmas and we went for the first time on January 29th...the weather was SO nice! Thanks N, A and P!!

-You wore your first pair of jeans this month...you looked like such a big girl