Journal Entry from March 10, 2011

I know these may be boring, however...this will be my last entry from the past...everything from here on out will be in the present!

Journal Entry from March 10, 2011 reads...

Whew! It has been a while! Today I am 11w3d, although, we had an ultrasound on Monday (3/7/11) and the baby measured 4 days bigger, so maybe today marks the beginning of my 12th week? I don't know!!

It was amazing to say the least!! I didn't realize how low the baby is sitting right now! Little baby S was flipping round and round!!! You would have thought I had eaten a whole birthday cake!! However, I did eat a few small cookies before we went in because I wanted to make sure I saw our baby MOVE!!! Boy, did we ever! It amazes me that LBS is moving that much and I can't even feel it! I felt bad for Dr. Shanbour because everytime LBS stopped for a split second he would try to capture an image, there was a problem: I was laughing (trying not to so he could get a picture), which made him loose the image and have to start all over. Finally, I just had to look away from the screen!! We were finally able to get a good picture to show our friends and family!!

How I'm feeling:

Well, not too bad, some nights are alot better than others. For the most part now-a-days I am just dead tired, especially at night! Last night, I did have a wave of sickness come over me around 7:30 and lasted until I fell asleep around 9:30.

I have had a few more headaches, but nothing horrible! Oh, the one that is hard to see/hear...I've already gained around 4 pounds!!!! Ugh, I guess I better get used to it, huh? I can't wait until I will be able to run again....next time I do, it will be with a stroller and a baby in front of me...wahoo!! That is exciting!

I can eat pretty much anything now...there are only a few things that I can't really stomach. Nothing in particular, it just depends. I usually bring a PBJ to work to eat around 10, then I eat my normal lunch at noon (and not a minute later), and then a snack around 2 or so.

Maternity clothes:

I have bought 4 or 5 shirts, a bella band, one pair of jeans, and a skirt.

I wear my bella band pretty much everyday unless I am wearing sweats or my maternity jeans, of course. I started wearing my bella band at around 10 weeks...it makes life a lot more comfortable!!

I still need to get some good shorts and a few more shirts and dresses...and the dreaded maternity swim suit...eww!!

Anyways, despite some of my comments, I am really enjoying being pregnant, especially now that I am starting to show just a little bit and the sickness is subsiding!!!

Our next appointment is April 4th and then April 26th we get to find out if its a little boy or a little girl!!! Yay!

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