Journal Entry from February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

Just a little update...

We are still planning on officially announcing to Facebook (which equals all friends and family) this coming Sunday, after we tell our Sunday school class!

How I'm feeling:

Ever since the end of week 6 I have been going to bed around 9 pm because of fatigue and nausea. By week 7, I was still going to bed around 9 in hopes that I would get to sleep before Zach came to bed. If I was not asleep by that time, any move he made, I would feel like I was going to vomit. Now, halfway through week 8, I find myself more and more nauseous toward bedtime, not to feel any relief until I eat breakfast.

I feel so bad, I've bearly been anything but a couch potato when I get home from work. This is not what Zach is used to. However, I was able to cook last night...and actually eat the food! I've pushed myself to cook at least once a week, although Zach tells me I don't need to. He is so sweet and understanding and is always checking on me, asking if there is anything he can do.

Last week I made him lentil soup...he loves lentil soup. I thought it would be something healthy for me and something Zach could eat for a few meals. By the time it was done I could harldy look at it. Later that night, we got Subway for me.

I'm just so glad that last night I was actually able to stomach the chicken empenadas I made for Zach and I. They were SO good, however, I did end up going to take a nap right after I was done eating while Z cleaned everything up. And, of course, I went to bed around 8:45 too...

I just can't wait until I start feeling like myself again. I am so excited for what is to come and I know that all of this sickness if for a huge blessing that will enter our lives very shortly...I just have to get through it. Prayer. That's my way of getting through it.

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