Journal Entry from February 4th, 2011

...February 4, 2011 reads...

We have had SO much snow!! I haven't been to work in 4 days and it is snowing AGAIN!! My original first appointment was supposed to be next Tuesday, Feb 8, however, the nurse called and asked if I could come in today!!! I'm drenched with mixed emotions! (extremely nervous, excited, happy, afraid, etc) I DO NOT like my blood to be taken because it always makes me feel like my ears are going to pop off my head. I'm thinking morning sickness + getting blood drawn is going to make for one miserable me. I am trying to look on the bright side though! Its not for long, I will be fine, its for the baby, and we are one step closer in this pregnancy!! As I am sitting here typing I feel sweat running down my sides (because I am getting nervous), gross, I know!

Our appointment is at 2 pm, Zach should be home around 1:30ish and then we are going to head that way! I will post later on how everything went. This also means we will be able to tell people sooner!!! Yay!!!

Okay....I'm back! We went to the doctor and everything went well! I didn't pass out with the whole blood thing...I actually did alot better than the last time I had to do that! I got a little faintish feeling towards the end, but it took alot longer for me to feel that way this time!

BIG NEWS.....We heard the HEARTBEAT!!! I said, "Are you sure that's not my heart beat?" and Dr. Shanbour said, "That is the heartbeat of your little baby!" Zach was sitting by my side with his mouth drawn open as I was giggling and squealing with glee. Then, all of the sudden, it clicked with Zach and he said, "That is our baby's hearbeat!!" We got 2 pictures to bring home!! Of course, since I am only 6w4d, the ultrasound picture just looks like a little blob, oh and our due date is September 26, 2011! So...its official, there is indeed a baby within me! We are dying to tell our family and friends, however, we have decided to wait until we can tell them in person next weekend.

Ps. 139:13...We thank you and praise you, Almighty God, for knitting this sweetness inside of me!

For now, I'm going to go take a little rest....(yawn)....

but isn't that SO exciting?

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  1. Staci I love reading your journal entries. They remind me of when we found out we were expecting & we felt the same emotions! Enjoy this time, it really is amazing :-)