My Next 2 Journal Entries...

So, as I said, I'm going to be posting some more of my journal entries from the first few weeks after we found out we were pregnant!

January 26, 2011 reads...

I am now 5w2d…my symptoms are almost nonexistent. I still have mild night sweats, subtly sore boobs, and I have to pee quite a bit…so for now, I don’t really feel pregnant. Even though I am yearning to “show” and feel pregnant, I know I must take advantage of these blithe days…as I am fully aware that there is still a possibility that soon these days will be absent (at least for a little bit anyway).

Ryan is staying with us now as he takes a class in Oklahoma City. I. WANT. TO. TELL. HIM. It is all I can do not to burst out with joy and jump up and down and tell him he is going to be an UNCLE. For now, and for the next 18 days, I have to keep my lips sealed.

Anytime my parents call, I feel myself rushing to get off the phone so I don’t slip. I have seldom called them since we found out, for the same reason…so, my apologies mom and dad.

I find myself praying for our little baby over and over throughout each day. I also find myself bathing myself and Zach in prayer as well; the Lord knows I need it. How will we ever raise a child? Only through the grace, mercy, guidance, and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is my confidence.

Oh…I ordered lil baby Schnorrenberg’s first toys! I had a Pottery Barn gift card from Christmas and I received a $10 off Baby Amazon in a magazine, so I went ahead and used them! I got a PB hippo thumbie, which is a little tiny 12x12 blanket that may turn in to his/her favorite blankie and PB wooden colorful stacking rings. I have already received the PB stuff in the mail and I LOVE them! Also, from Amazon I ordered a little colorful and texturized peacock that has all kinds of things babies need for early development from Lamaze. I can’t wait to see it!!

That’s it for now!

February 1, 2011 reads...

I'm just 6w1d and the nausea has definitely set in....thankfully, we are in the middle of a blizzard and Zach and I got to stay home today! Hopefully we are out tomorrow too so I can try and get used to this before I head back to work. I've researched a few remedies and once we are able to drive again I think we might venture out and try to find a few of these things to see if they help. Thankfully there has been no vomitting yet, but I have definitely felt it coming.

Lord, please help me through these next 6 weeks!

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