3's Company in the Schnorrenberg Household....

...Yes! We are pregnant!!

We found out the morning of January 16!! Since it was a Sunday morning, it was sure hard to keep our excitement down at church, especially when my sister-in-law introduced us to our future pediatrician!! I have been keeping a journal-so over the next week or so I will post some of my entries.

January 16, 2011 (My first entry)

Wow! I'm about 4 weeks pregnant!

My husband and I were planning on trying soon, but it looks like God had plans for a little earlier than we intended!! We couldn't be more thrilled!

I really didn't feel pregnant at all (not that I know how it should feel), but now that I know I am, I can pinpoint some symptoms that I thought were just normal.

My early symptoms:

-night sweats


-slight cramping

-dizziness when I stood up too fast

-and the really weird one I had this morning that made me take a test....I was the thirstiest I had ever been!! I was laying in bed and woke up because my mouth was SO dry! Luckily I always sleep with a glass of water on my bedside table....I sucked down that water and hopped out of bed to fill my glass again.

I don't think that is a normal pregnancy symptom...but something in my head was telling me to take a test. So, I grabbed a test from under my sink (thinking, "I'm crazy for even testing", "this is stupid", "you're wasting a test", "you are going to be disappointed") and a few minutes later I was jumping up and down and squealing (all while my husband was still sound asleep in bed)!! Quickly, I was trying to think of a good way to tell him, I couldn't believe it actually was positive! Someone pinch me, please! As I walked out of our room, I grabbed my husbands new polariod camera (we like to be a little retro sometimes) and decided I would take a polariod of the pregnancy test and tape it to our dog's collar and then let Roscoe wake him up by jumping up in bed. Well, I had never taken a picture with the polaroid and wasn't aware of the lighting issues....my picture just looked like a white bar going across a black sky...first plan failed.

Soon after, not being able to focus on the task at hand, I broke down in tears praising God for the blessing He had given us. I went into our "nursery" room (which right now is our office), I laid on the floor, and prayed to God that he would give us the strength, encouragement, grace, and mercy to raise a child!

Minutes later, I got up from the floor, ran to the kitchen (hoping Zach had not yet woken up) and the only thing I could think to do was write a quick letter to him and send it in to our room on Roscoe's collar (lame, I know). Well, after writing and re-writing the letter, I went into our room to get Roscoe...by this time Zach was awake and I couldn't help myself so I leaped up onto the bed and shoved my letter in his face while I held the pregnancy test in my hand behind my back.

His reaction was priceless and will be forever in my memory! We hugged, we cried, we laughed, we took pictures, we prayed...and we have done this all day long!

**Zach was a little upset that he didn't get the excitement of looking at the pregnancy test together so after lunch I took another one so we could be goofy and look at it together as if it were for the first time!

Finally, we went to church, and ironically met our soon to be pediatrician. My SIL has 3 children and when I was talking to her today at church, her pediatrician came up (he goes to our church) and asked her how her new one was doing...she then introduced me to him and told me he was the best ped in the world! It was all I could do to not tell them our news...I can't wait to tell my SIL this story when we finally get to tell our family!


  1. YAY!! what great news! congratulations Staci! being a mom is a gift everyday. you are going to love it

  2. So happy for all THREE of you! :) When I was pregnant with Evan I was super thirsty too. I thought it was the strangest thing! Congratulations!!

  3. So excited for your family! I was extremely thirsty when I was pregnant with Rylee. I drank at least 100oz of water everyday and was usually still thirsty or would wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. I've only been a mom for 2 months but it's pretty much the most amazing gift in the world!

  4. This is absolutely the sweetest blog ever, congrats to you both!!!

  5. Staci, I don't know if you'll get this but I'm just now reading this in tears. How wonderful and new life is. We talk about Harper as if she's already here. I can't wait to love on her. God is SO GOOD! Love to you.
    Your SIL