I'm gaining another SISTER!!

I know, I know....its been OVER a month since I have posted!
Aside from that, my brother asked Shayna to marry him on Friday!

He was staying with us all week because he taking a class in OKC. He could hardly concentrate all week because he had just picked up the ring from Israel's before he left to come down here. All week he would talk about "the big night," all while rambling off ideas of what he should do. Studying was next to impossible, however, he did get some in.
Friday night Shayna came down for what she thought was going to be a double date night with Zach and I. A few hours before they left for dinner, "it dawned on me" that I had to babysit that night (which I really did). Well, anyways, one thing led to another and by 5:45 they were headed out the door, just the two of them. Zach and I hurried them out trying to hide our excitement and knowing they had reservations for 6 at Cafe de Brazil. The night before Ryan had met up with a guy at the resturant and planned out a romantic evening complete with an outside balcony set up just for the two of them. (*Remember this was on one of those days that it was absolutely beautiful out) Music was playing, candles were lit (or were at least meant to be lit), champange was waiting...all at the end of a rose petal walkway.

I am happy to say that we are all very excited for Shayna to be a part of our family!! They are perfect for each other. I couldn't imagine a better lady to be my new sister-in-law!

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Shayna and Ryan together!


  1. Yay! Congrats Ryan and Shayna!! (and its about time you update your blog!!!)

  2. I know! it's a good thing we had a snow day so I would finally update! I need to get better about this...I have a feeling I will though! ;)