16 weeks!!

**First of all, please forgive me that this is one big paragraph!! No matter how I space it, it keeps clumping it all together...sorry! Ahh...I am LOVING this 2nd trimester thing!! I pretty much feel like my normal self...with just a little bit of tightness in my belly - the way you feel after you've eaten a ton, and with that, of course, a bigger belly! (which I am okay with!) I'm having a hard time getting used to sleeping on my side...but it is getting easier! Other than that, I feel great! This past week I was able to plant some begonias, an azalea, and hydrangeas!!!! I can't wait until they take over my front flowerbed!!! Also, tomorrow I am starting some herbs and peppers from seed. I LOVE this time of year! This weekend my mom, her best friend, grandma, Aunt Teri, Aunt Amy, and a few of my cousins are all going to a women's bible conference here in OKC!! I can't wait!! Some of them will stay with us so I am, of course, trying to get together a few fun recipes for them to enjoy during their stay!! It will be so nice to spend some time with these wonderful Godly women that I look up to...I have learned so much from them and I am excited to continue to do so. In other news....the countdown is beginning with just 15 days until we get to (hopefully) find out whether we are having a sweet baby boy or a sweet baby girl!!! AHHhhhHHhh!! I can hardly contain myself!! Please pray that lil baby S cooperates!! ;)


  1. Ah, the 2nd trimester, so much better than the 1st or 3rd! Being pregnant is GREAT! I loved it! I hope baby S cooperates too! If not, I hope you have a patient tech that tries to make S cooperate! Rylee sat really low, so our tech couldn't get the wand thingy low enough to see, but was really patient and though she was stubborn got her to move up long enough to see "girl."

  2. You look great! The blog is cool too.