My First Entry

...We'll see how long it takes Zach to find out I started a blog. (He is not too fond of the blog world; I just want to give it a try) :) Anyways, I just don't know what to do with myself now that I'm done with school and I don't have a full time job! Most days it is just Roscoe and I here trying to find something to do with a little bit of babysitting thrown in here and there.

I have a possible job opportunity at Schools for Healthy Lifestyles, if I get it I will be starting July 1! Until then, here are a few things I want to get done on my break:

-Reorganize the entire kitchen
-Deep clean the entire house
-Paint the front door and maybe the shutters
-Revarnish the coffee table
-Clean out our closet
-Have a garage sale
-Read books for FUN
-Make a few things for some babies that will soon be born ;)
-Have over more company
-Make curtains
-Teach Roscoe more tricks

Well, the list could go on, and does go on, however, that is all I can recall at the moment. Time to go water the garden and play with Roscoe.

Poor thing, he is panting at the back door, better go let him in...

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world... It's a fun place to be - even if I have neglected my blog for several months in a row! Go Staci!