"Due Date"

Well, today has almost passed and Harper is not here...its okay though! We will see her in God's timing. Zach and I just got back from a walk...we've been walking alot lately, but it has hardly brought on any contractions!

Today was probably one of the hardest days of the pregnancy. Not that I was super uncomfortable or anything, but I like schedules and sticking to them and she is heh-uhm, not starting out with a good record! Just joking, I know God's timing is perfect and she may just need a little more time! Actually, this morning, my quiet time was about giving God the control and not trying to be in control yourself! How appropriate! So, right now, Lord, I totally give this over to you, as I have been praying. Your timing is perfect and right!!

Today has felt like a week...I've been pretty bored or I guess just preoccupied with thoughts about the days and weeks to come. My mind has sent me racing in a mind-marathon...making it very hard to sleep/nap/sit still. Everyone tells you to get as much sleep as you can...how in the world is this possible, especially when your due date nears....and passes, all you can do is think!!!

I did, however, get a pedicure today, which was very relaxing! When the lady asked me when I was due and I told her today, I think she felt sorry for me because she gave me a very long massage! I was totally okay with that!

Tomorrow, I plan to do one more quick clean on the house, change our sheets, do some laundry, and TRY to rest. We have our 40 week appointment at 2:45, so that will cut my lonely day a little short!! YES!! Zach and I will get to start our last night together a little earlier than the normal 4:30! We also plan on going to eat somewhere and then just coming home, double checking our hospital bags, maybe play some cards, go on a walk, and enjoy our last sweet night as just Zach and Staci.

A chapter closing, a new one opening...


  1. It's all going to be perfect. We can't wait to meet sweet baby Harper! You're going to be amazing parents - she is a very lucky little girl! We love you guys!!

  2. We are thinking of you so much and wish we could be there. We love you!