Our Dallas Trip

Last weekend we were able to get away for a little bit for some relaxation and to get some things for our girl. We filled out bellies with good food, went to a Ranger's game, and did more shopping than Zach wanted to (joking, he was a wonderful shopper)!!! Really, I was VERY impressed!

Before we left, he surprised me with some new sunglasses from Banana for Mother's day (even though, techinically, I'm not really a mother yet). He did great!! He picks things out for me better than I do myself! Thanks Zach!

First stop: IKEA

Here, we got a crib, a bumper pad for me to cover, an organizer for her dresser drawers, a stuffed bunny, and some picture frames for her room.

Although she already has quite the collection of clothes, we had to check out the outlets. Outlets don't seem to have as good of prices as they used to. We did find a couple great deals, but mostly, we just enjoyed the nice weather and ewwing and awwing over the cuteness of such little things.

Here is Zach's favorite find. He LOVED this dress!!
Here is my favorite find. It will be perfect for the lake/beach next year!!
We had such a great time. Memories were made and will be cherished forever. Love you, Zach.

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