American Girl Birthday Weekend

Happy 10th Birthday Jayme!
Doll Salon

Best Friends

(One of the college-aged girls eating with her doll, no joke)
Ice Skating

The Birthday Girl


If you are wondering if I went to the American Girl Place for my enjoyment, I did not. However, we did come upon a few college aged girls who were taking much delight (in all seriousness) while discussing the latest American Girl fashion over their tea and crumpets, with their dolls sitting pretty in their high chairs. YES. Serious, no laughs, they came to the AGP by themselves! Ashlee and I had a reason-we were there in order to support and celebrate the tenth birthday of her sister and my little cousin, Jayme.


Anyways, we left Friday and drove down to Dallas where we went to the AGP and the mall. We took the birthday girl and her friend, Kaliegh, ice skating where I'm sure I looked like a fool, but I had a great time! Later, we went back to the hotel and swam (or sat by the pool) until we decided where we wanted to eat. California Pizza Kitchen is where we ended up after one iphone, one blackberry, and one Garmin led us in several different directions. YUMMY! Truthfully, Ashlee and I found it ourselves. ;) This morning we got up and again battled the latest technology and wound up at Denny's (not so yummy) and then, of course, hit up the other mall on the way out of town!

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