Praise the Lord!

God has been showing me over and over again how sovereign He is.
I have a job!!
I remember praying at the end of the last school year (08-09) that God would lead me to a good family in need of a summer sitter. Zach and I had talked about how it was my last "real" summer and he was so sweet to let me really enjoy it instead of working 9-5 everyday like I could/probably should have. He is so good to me!

Literally, a few days later I got a call from my sister-in-law asking if I had a summer job yet. I told her my "plan" and she followed it with telling me she had a friend at church who was in need of a summer sitter for her little boy. The cool thing is that I was supposed to watch him the summer before but things just didn't work out...and now they were, it is all in God's timing, right? Calls where made and a time was set up for me to meet the family....wow! As Renee (the mother of the lil boy) and I talked, we both kept going on about how quickly God answered both of our prayers and how amazing it was that he paired each of us, basically strangers, together. It is amazing to me how much the Grau family has blessed my life over the past year. They truly are some of the most giving, caring, and gracious people I have ever met. The Grau family is exactly what I was wanting!! Randy, Renee, and of course, lil Reagan are just awesome.

Reagan and I have had a blast over the past year. When I first started (he had just turned one), he would cry and I would hold him and tell him it was okay and read him books until he was ready to start his day with this red-headed stranger. Haha! Now, of course, we are best buds and he no longer cries when mom and dad leave (for the most part)...and we build towers, make ramps and roads for all of his cars and trains in his "baseball basket", sing songs, play with balls, read books, have short conversations (mostly about Thomas the train, farms, and Dora) and we frequent the park whenever possible. Oh Reagan, you have grown so much! You are such a handsome and sweet boy.

So, all that to say, at the end of my last Fall semester of college, I was starting to realize that my internship (that would take place in the Spring) is sort of a huge deal because it could also be the place where I look for a job. Once again, I started frantically praying and stressing out. God knows me all too well, He doesn't make me wait long or I might go insane...because just a few days later Renee sent me an e-mail with some links of some possible internship posistions. I felt a little weary, but after looking over the Schools for Healthy Lifestyles website and God reminding me that HE was in control, I e-mailed one of the contacts she gave me. Out of that came an internship where I was able to do the things I love. It was such a great experience! I was able to teach young children about staying safe, healthy, and active! And of course, you guessed it, I got a job at Schools for Healthy Lifestyles!!

I know this was a long post and I am a terrible writer, but I am just overwhelmed with the complexity of our Lord! If all of these events did not take place, the meeting of strangers, babysitting and getting to know the Grau's, and their kind and caring spirits looking out for me, I would not have this opportunity! All the glory goes to God for linking it all together and for blessing my life in so many ways! Praise the Lord!

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  1. God is always on time...we may think he is running late - but his timing is perfect!