A Visit to Huntsville

It was a short, but enjoyable stay in Alabama. Scott and Amy showered us with hospitality, feeding us one delectable meal after another. The kids were a delight; Sophie is full of curiousity as she learns...I love that sweet girl. Noah, he amazed me with his innocense, gentleness, and his kindness. It was so sweet to see the love that both Scott and Amy possess over each one of their children and all but drove me to tears thinking about the love Zach and I will (Lord willing) suspend over our children.

Jim and Gwen were so nice to ask us along for the trip. They have blessed Zach and I far more than I could ever describe. They are some of the most admirable people I know. Times with them are pleasant, full of laughing and good cries.

We had such a great time staying with Scott, Amy, and the kids in their beautiful new home. I thank the Lord for them.

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  1. Aww, loved reading your comments and seeing the beautiful pictures of your time there! So glad you got to spend such fun and loving times together...Jim and Gwen started a beautiful family, and it just keeps growing...love seeing you all together!